CIM Plugin Extension


Provide your customers with a fast and easy checkout. Allow them to save multiple credit or debit cards to their profile. So when they return to buy something on your site, they don't have to re-enter all the payment details. They simply select a card on file and that's it. Such a fast and easy checkout is bound to increase your sales, and your customers would never go anywhere else to shop.

This is an extension for the WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin. It captures sales through, and keeps the customer on your site at all times.

Features of this plugin extension CIM

Configure CIM with your API Login ID and transaction key to start capturing sales and customer profiles immediately.

Card Profiles

Customers can save card profiles during checkout and reuse those card profiles at a later stage when they checkout on your site again.

Secure Customer Profiles

All customer shipping, billing and payment data is stored in your CIM panel where it is safe and secure.

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